General Practice NSW

General Practice NSW was established to work at a state level to support and promote the work of the NSW Divisions of General Practice Network. During most of 2013 we provided state level representation for the 17 NSW Medicare Locals. Our purpose is to build and maintain good working relationships with relevant public, private and not-for-profit stakeholders in NSW and to maximise the capacity and influence of the primary health care movement in the health care sector.  This role has now been taken over by the Australian Medicare Local Alliance as they are funded by the Commonwealth Government to do this.

General Practice NSW continues to run specialised forums for state level Government, Non-Government and private Primary Health Care organisations, as well as Medicare Locals to connect and build relationships across the primary health care sector in NSW.

Our current members are most Medicare Locals in NSW together with a few continuing Divisions of General Practice.

We work closely with the Australian Medicare Local Alliance, the national peak body for Medicare Locals, including housing their NSW State Coordinator in our offices.

Our Vision

A strong and integrated primary health care system in New South Wales

Our Mission

Advance health reform in NSW through strengthening primary care systems and expertise



  • Advocate for a stronger and more integrated primary health care system in NSW
  • Coordinate activities that add value to the State's primary health care system
  • Identify funding opportunities to develop the business of and create cost efficiences for primary health care organisations
  • Facilitate learning, information sharing and networking between key primary health care organisations

Representation and Advocacy

  • Raise the profile of primary health care and the key role of general practice in the delivery of primary health care which is inclusive of allied health and consumers
  • Ensure that general practice and allied health are represented in planning and implementation of health services in NSW
  • Establish collaborative relationships with other centres of influence in the health sector

Program Support

  • Develop programs, provide support and promote activities across health priority areas that are responsive to member needs.

  • Partnerships

    • Primary Health Care can’t thrive without effective relationships between health providers.  General Practice NSW works to build partnerships at the state level with a range of stakeholders including NSW Government Departments, non-government and consumer organisations and Medicare Locals.


**The information on this website should not be used for individual medical advice. Please see your doctor if you have concerns or specific questions relating to your health.